Network Gender & STEM Conference 2024

18.07.2024 - 20.07.2024

This is the 7th biennial conference of the international Network Gender & STEM. The conference aims to develop insights to the various connected aspects influencing gendered educational and career choices in the direction of STEM. Research into these aspects is increasingly important, and taking place across a variety of disciplines which have different emphases. The conference brings together people from scientific disciplines including psychology, educational science, sociology, and different fields of STEM. It aims to inform theory and knowledge development, as well as STEM practice and policymaking, and to exchange information about different approaches, methods, results and starting points for interventions. Keynotes encompass perspectives targeting interventions, intersectionality, and giftedness in the context of gender and STEM; a distinguished symposium addresses the role of gender in the context of artificial intelligence. Among others, the conference will address the following questions:

  •  What factors influence girls/women and boys/men in their choice of advanced courses, apprenticeships and fields of study?
  •  What role do key people in the environment play in this, such as parents, peers and teachers?
  •  What can schools, socializers and companies do, to promote girls’ and women’s interest in STEM studies and professions?

Conference:Network Gender & STEM Conference 2024
Conference Theme:Future Directions in Theory, Research, Policy and Practice
Date: July, 18th - 20th, 2024
Location: Heidelberg University, Germany
Call for Abstracts: May 2023 - Oktober 15th, 2023

Quelle: Uni Potsdam


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